Hammersmith Irish Cultural Centre

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Twinklecomic Sun 17-Jun-12 00:16:47

Ooh, did your parents advertise on Streetbank to find out about this?! The reason I ask is that a nice man called Peter emailed Streetbank looking for info and he mentioned that it was for their grandchildren!.I sent a similar response to them.

I'm afraid the only one that we tried out was I think in Bradmore Street, and it was local council one and a great deal rougher than anything we'd previously experienced educationally. Lots of bad language and I particularly remember my daughter coming home with tales a brother and sister who used fight quite violently with each other and use language that would curdle milk. That said I have heard that Brunswick Boys Club (which takes girls) has good courses, and mothers that I know would be fussy normally are happy to let their kids go there for after school and holiday courses.


Good luck!

Belo Thu 14-Jun-12 13:08:29

Thanks for this. I did send my children in the end last October. My youngest dd (6) loved it and says it was the best holiday scheme she has ever been to! Unfortunately my oldest (9) was ill and missed quite a bit and therefore felt left out and associates it with being poorly...

They did seem to do some pretty impressive stuff. DD2 still likes to do the Irish dancing that she learned and wants to go for flute lessons!

We've also tried the Sir John Lilly holiday club which DD1 really likes, but DD2 is not so keen on.

Do you know of any other schemes? It would be good to find one they both like! I live in South London so don't know any other parents in the area to ask. But, my parents live in Hammersmith and my DDs often stay with them during the school holidays. They aren't well enough to look after my kids full time, but like to spend time with them and have them to stay. So, a holiday scheme makes a week long stay possible.

Twinklecomic Mon 11-Jun-12 22:59:10

Hi there

My middle daughter went to The Irish Centre holiday scheme twice. It was pretty good, though she was at the right age to enjoy it (I think she went when she was about nine, and again when she was 10). However there were some children there who were older, clearly quite bored with the whole experience, resistant to being there, misbehaved and were a bit cheeky to the teachers. I mention that not to complain but to highlight that if your child iis too old to be enchanted by Irish myths and legends, then they simply won't get much out of it. However I thought that the stuff the kids did there was quite impressive. (OH BTW there's a show on the last day, and get there early because some of those mums will trample on your head to get in the front row!). My daughter made a shadow puppet and set, and took part in a presentation with quite elaborate costumes. These are the chief things I remember. I have since tried another local play scheme during the holidays once and and it did bring home to me how pleasant and civilised the Irish Centre Scheme was in caparison(!). If I have any complaint it would be that that the children were unsupervised during the lunchtimes and there was some quite rough play consequently, which my DD was upset about. Hope this useful!

Belo Mon 26-Sep-11 11:16:15

I'm looking for something for my DDs to during half term and I've seen that they're got a 'Culture Camp' during half term. I was wondering if anybody has been to any of the school holiday activities here in the past and if they're any good?
Thank you!

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