Activities for 2 year old girl

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SW6Mummy Wed 14-Sep-11 21:32:43

looking for ideas on activities for my 2 year old DD in the Fulham/Parsons Green area...

latestarter2009 Tue 27-Sep-11 10:40:40

some ideas, you might already know them, if not and you want more info, let me know. also i am trying to organise a coffee morning/play date with some of the mumsnet mums in Fulham, if you are interested, let me know what dates/times would suit you. I have a 21mth old son.

Gambados, townmead road, imperial wharf
ray's playhouse - drop-in sesions stephendale road
south park - good children's playground
havent been, but some friends have said fulham palace is great
bit further, but the toddler playground in battersea park zoo is brilliant
swimming at virgin active on lille road
my son likes the little park on townmead road that fronts onto the river, likes looking at the boats and helicopters
there are lots of classes in the area; monkey music, little caterpillars, little kickers, little gym.

hope this helps smile

5littleducks Sat 01-Oct-11 21:27:47

Have a look at the NCT facebook page for putney and fulham - they have a toddler group on friday mornings in putney leisure centre that is not too far.

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