Recovering from bullying 8 year old daughter/finding playmates.

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Twinklecomic Thu 25-Aug-11 00:16:42

Hi there

This is a first time posting, so bear with me please!

I have an eight year old daughter who is in a one class per year school school where the pool of other little girls is very small. She had a bestest best friend, and they were inseperable, until a new child came to the school and the former best freind ditched her and then they both got a huge kick out of my child's visible distress and despair over the situation. This went on for the best part of a year. She got through this, but badly, and the experience left her with her confidence badly tattered. She still hangs around in the same little group and my attempts to branch out within the class grouping hasn't worked. We've tried to sort out playdates with other little girls, including a few on our street, but the ones we got to know were already in a little clique, so once again my daughter's rather too eager overtures have not had the required results. I'm dreading September because its back to school and the old agonies. The school has not been great over this at all and we have explored that avenue of looking for advice and support. My daughter is a chatty, friendly child, but bookish, and on the intense side, doesn't like drama or dance. Any suggestions on activities in Hammersmith and Fulham that might help her make friends and build her confidence? We tried Brownies, and one of the dreaded children was already a member of the only group we could get her into, which put the mockers on that. The local Cubs hasn't many girls. So...Any other suggestions?

Thanks a million

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