Reviews on Boltons Nursery and Little People of Fulham Nursery?

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Secondtimemum2 Sat 09-Oct-10 10:49:29

Hi Mums

I'm also currently looking for a good nursery school for my daughter for next September '11 or Jan '12.

We are moving close from Battersea to Fulham next month so need to do a new search again for a good nursery.

Does any have an opinion/experience with the Bolton's Nursery on Fulham Road? And also how about the Little People of Fulham Nursery on Lillie Road?

Thanks for any help on this. It's so stressful!

rsub Thu 03-Nov-11 19:23:50

Have you found one? My (2.5 yr old) daughter goes to Little People in Fulham, and she loves it. Very large area wise (converted church), has some excellent things to do, and she's made some great friends. The key workers and montessori teachers are nice as well...

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