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Sabs1981 Fri 20-Nov-09 23:07:46


I had a baby girl 7 weeks ago and wanted to know of places I could go to or activities to do with her in the local area during the day that are either free or doesnt cost that much, and also places I could go to meet fellow mums

Thanks in advance!

lowrib Sat 21-Nov-09 02:07:27

Congratulations! grin grin grin

Here are some ideas:

Find out which is your nearest children's centre, ask for their program and see if anything interests you.
Hackney children's centres They are a good bet for free / cheap stuff.

I've not been but I've been meaning to get round to go to some kind of yoga type thing ...

Yoga home in Stokey have stuff for mums / babies, like baby music & movement on a Tuesday (birth - 4) and it's only £3 drop-in.

Yoga Place in Bethnal Green has been recommended to me. They say
"There are Baby Yoga Classes on Wednesday at 12.30pm, (from new born to crawling) followed by tea and cake at 1.30pm, where mums can catch up with each other."
I like the tea and cake idea grin It is quite pricey though, i think it;s about £10 a session.

The Rio cinema does a parent and baby screening every Tuesday and Thursday. Basically you are welcome to go with your baby, and as long as they are under 1, they let them in to a 15 cert (or whatever). The whole cinema is full of babies. It's great to be able still go to see a film, to BF without anyone batting an eyelid, and the babies don't make as much noise as you might think! I think it must be an interesting experience for them too - mine spent as much time looking around at the other babies as at the screen. Here's the programme Tickets £6 and £5 Concessions.

We did the Splashbabies programme in Kings Cross, but they also did it at the Sunstone women's gym in Stokey I think. We really enjoyed it. If you contact them they'll let you know when the next classes are. Again it's quite pricey though - I think it's £50 for 5 sessions.

Sorry most of those ideas cost money. I'll have another think ...

lowrib Sat 21-Nov-09 02:13:04

Actually I think I might give the music and movement a go myself.

Also, have you looked at the Hackney pages of Mumsnet local?

Or (shhh!) Netmums is good for finding local stuff.

Hackney baby and toddler groups

Hackney what's on

Sabs1981 Sun 22-Nov-09 21:58:40

lowrib thank you sooo much! Will check out the links...

lowrib Mon 23-Nov-09 23:24:07

No worries! This thread has made me think back to what we did when DS was so small (I'm amazed it seems such a long time ago already! He's 11 months now).

The main difference is that when they are new babies they are so much more portable. These days if we're out and about my DS has many more needs to take into consideration. For example, he's mobile now, and not happy just being in the buggy all the time.

So as well as doing stuff specifically for your DD, I'd suggest you use this time to do some stuff for yourself, with DD in tow. When they're so little everything is a new experience anyway, right?! Use this time to catch up with friends / family, and introduce DD to new people. Go to an exhibition. Get a copy of Time Out and see what's on. Go for a nice walk - Hackney has great parks. Do whatever you're into, that's possible to do with your DD there too. All of it is great experience for you too - just being out and about together, gaining confidence from learning simple things like what you need with you, where you can find baby changing when you're out, etc.

I went on a great day with some other mums to the Tate Modern. It's brilliant for wandering around with babies, it's a lovely calming atmosphere, you get to actually do something with your brain smile, they have baby changing and great comfy seats on each floor. Also a their shop is a great place for Christmas present shopping. Really expensive food though. To get there from Hackney, get a bus to St Paul's and walk over the millennium bridge.

lowrib Mon 23-Nov-09 23:32:15

Oh and the Tate modern is free of course! As are lots of museums / galleries.

paulinemoisy Sat 13-Nov-10 12:14:20

'La langue au Chat' french class (open to all)

Come to introduce your baby or toddler to new sounds with some singing , stories, and movement .

Meet other Mums,in a lively and cosy atmosphere.

Dads, Childminders, Nannies, Grandparents are welcome!

Wednesdays am(2 groups)
(contact for details)


Buggies and bikes

23 broadway market ,E84PH

A bientot!

DeborahV Mon 06-Dec-10 22:01:35

Paulinemoisy - really interested as I am trying to bring up my son bilingual (dad is english and i'm from geneva).
Is there a fee? Is it too late to join?
A bientôt!

GeneisCinema Fri 18-Mar-11 11:18:56

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

paulinemoisy Thu 08-Sep-11 17:28:06


La langue au chat classes are still going on and there is a £70 fee for the TERM...

But, but, but, this term there is a FREE class at

Mapledene children centre

54 Mapledene Road
London E8 3LE
020 7249 8139

thrusdays from 1pm to 2m!!

Just this term, so come along...


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