Anyone interested in possible childcare swap/collective?

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gracieBr Wed 29-Jul-09 11:11:59

Hi all
I'm a full time single mum (to one 5 year old) and trying to set up a business at the same time... now it's the school hols I'm finding it virtually impossible to get any work done.

At the moment I really need childcare a few days/hours a week but can't afford to pay for it. If there is anyone out there who fancies swapping some childcare please get in touch! I'm thinking of meeting (with our kids too), seeing how we/they get on, and arranging a trial from there - a few hours at first, then we could do regular swaps whenever suits us both. If there are a few people interested we could also look at setting something on a slightly bigger scale...Hope to hear from you soon! smile

janx Fri 31-Jul-09 20:15:07

I am interested - Have dd nearly 5 and ds 20 months - I work part time

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