antenatal yoga and pilates/ water workout / cotton nappies! heeeelp!

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sergea Sat 25-Apr-09 01:38:52


I've recently moved to Hackney and at 25 weeks pregnant I've started to feel like it's time to start moving a bit.. wanted to do yoga or pilates, anyone with any views on which one to try and where I could find affordable classes (or somewhere with discounted places available for the less fortunate..)? Also, I can't find ANY antenatal water workout classes around east london! Would really love to go so pleaseplease let me know if you've heard of any.
And finally, any reusable nappy fans here? I'm going to be using washable ones and would like to hear where other mums have got theirs from and which ones they've found easy to use.

would appreciate any information

hoochymama Sat 25-Apr-09 21:55:22

hi there, i was looking for antenatal workout classes, the only one i could find was in crouch end, at the park lane swimming pool, hope that helps

i did my antenatal yoga at yoga junction, they have just moved to crouch end though, so it may be out of your way, sorry not much help!

hkz Mon 27-Apr-09 19:04:34

They have ante natal yoga at Kings Hall Leisure Centre in hackney Central and there are a few places in stoke newington but are prob more pricey...

sergea Mon 27-Apr-09 23:45:45

will give them a call (after just on more day of ice cream and tv)


lowrib Tue 28-Apr-09 01:04:38

Welcome to Hackney sergea grin
There's lots of facilities for mothers-to-be on Hackney and even more for babies and children.

I never actually got round to going to yoga while I was pregnant so I can't say if they were actually any good, but these 3 looked nice:

Yoga Home in Stokey

Yoga Place in Bethnal Green Road

Holistic Health in Broadway Market / London Fields

If you live on Hackney you can an approx. £50 voucher for free reusable nappies. You can spend them at lots of shops, so can choose the type you like.

Info here - Real Nappies for London

Whereabouts in Hackney are you?

lowrib Tue 28-Apr-09 01:05:24

oops that should have been "you can get"

yogateacher Mon 11-May-09 16:23:49

Hello, my name is Amanda Wray and I run ante and post natal yoga sessions in Hackney. They are on Tuesdays at Kings Hall Leisure Centre, 39 Lower Clapton Road, E5. Pregnancy yoga is 10 - 11.30, and Post Natal Yoga (with baby!) is 11.30 - 12.30. Cost is maximum £6.50, but members and concessions drop to around £3.00. Please come and try us out...informal and friendly classes.

Andreakate Mon 20-Jul-09 17:48:30

On the nappies... Church St shop Born is really good for cloth nappies - you can spend your voucher there and they are really helpful. I went for Bum Genius in the end and they are going great guns. Good luck!

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