Does anyone know of any childminders (or nanny share) that will have vacancies in January?

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ketchupkisses Fri 14-Nov-08 16:02:46

We are in E8/N16 area. smile

EffiePerine Fri 14-Nov-08 16:06:01

My DS will be going down to 1 day a week in Jan (and we are hoping to move not long after). Our Cm is based in N16 and I think she's great - would you like me to ask if she has a place?

ketchupkisses Sat 15-Nov-08 09:37:48

Yes please. I'll need 3 days

EffiePerine Sat 15-Nov-08 21:29:14

do you want to CAT me with your details?

ketchupkisses Sun 16-Nov-08 20:08:32

ok will do. thanks again

Andreakate Mon 20-Jul-09 17:57:15

I am also looking for the same time - but for a Mon-Fri childminder near Victoria Park - any help gratefully recieved!

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