Spanish lessons for five year olds

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StokeyFiona Tue 15-Jan-13 22:20:32

We love the Pajara Pinta classes. A lot of the children are a bit younger than 5 years old - I take my 3yr old and 9 month baby - but I'm sure 4 and 5 year olds would enjoy it. I reviewed it on my blog here if you want some more info:

123feel Tue 15-Jan-13 13:26:11

Hi there

These Spanish sing along sessions are supposed to be great - at the Vortex on Gillet Square, Dalston

The guys running it might be able to do lessons too if you ask?


ranoutofnames Tue 15-Jan-13 04:45:45

Hi, I'm a Spanish speaker and I have a 5 year old, I believe there are classes starting soon in the Boiler House just off Northworld road, the teacher's name is Mirna and her number is 07553 946 566, she's great with children and very reasonable in price (lower than Bethnal green and another place I looked into, in Clapton). And I take my daughter to a Saturday Spanish school near Kings Cross, it's really great and fantastic value-for-money:
Hope this helps!

Shivani18 Fri 28-Sep-12 21:44:17

hi versdesociete,
could u ps get me the details of the Spanish class which is in bethnal green road area..would like my daughter to join..



janx Wed 19-Nov-08 20:00:07

I am on Northwold rd - opposite women's gym. dd is at nursery 3 days a week mon- weds..
Saturday sounds good - can you let me have details VS

VersdeSociete Wed 19-Nov-08 15:00:44

Hello. There is actually a Spanish class for kids that meets in Bethnal Green Road area for a couple of hours on Saturday once a fortnight. Could get you details if you like?

lochsong Wed 19-Nov-08 14:55:26

yes - let's chat further.
Theo is now at school, so would need to be after school.
He is at Grasmere school and we live on Winston road, n16

janx Sun 09-Nov-08 18:21:36

I am looking for a spanish class for my 4 year old dd - maybe we could team up and get someone?

lochsong Sun 09-Nov-08 09:06:13

My son is learning Spanish at school and loves it. Are there any teachers or spanish speakers who could come to our home to teach him for an hour a week or are there any small groups that he could join in with locally.

At this young age they seem to absorb a new language and only wish I had had this opportunity!

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