Why is it so difficult...? PLEASE HELP =[

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Tash89Islington Mon 19-May-08 19:03:25

I really don't understand. I have been trying to find a Nanny position for over two months now and to no avail

Let me explain. I was working for a lovely family for six months, living with them. After three months, the mother of the family had a baby. I stayed for three months more (although my contract was only for those three months) until she felt ready and able to handle everything alone.

Since then, I have moved back home (more painful than you can imagine) and worked two mornings a week for the lovely family. I have been searching since then for a new job, but for some reason have only been able to secure the odd night's babysitting.

Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to babysit, but as I mentioned above, living at home is a real pain! Very big family, very small house, two months on the sofa.

I found a job which I thought was perfect, until the woman decided that she didn't have to pay me - don't even get me started.

My point is, I am so desperate to start working properly again! Children are my passion, always have been. I have over 18 months experience with children of all ages, am CRB checked, have a first aid certificate and am soon going to be OFSTED registered, so why oh why is it so difficult for me to find work?

I know you're all probably used to posting sympathetic responses to poor mothers, but I really feel lost right now and would love some help!

I live in Hackney, on London Fields. I am more than happy to work in surrounding areas (Stoke Newington, Clapton, Newington Green, Bethnal Green, Islington etc.)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

fourlittlefeet Wed 24-Sep-08 16:11:11

Tash, try posting on the tower hamlets site too...

RogerOThornhill Wed 24-Sep-08 16:38:17

Tash, I live in Stoke Newington so will keep an ear out for anyone looking for a nanny. Do you need a live-in position, or just simply a job so that you can afford to move out of your family home?

Have you posted on the childminder thread here to advertise yourself? Done all the notices in the local shops (Born on Stoke Newington Church St has a popular notice board for instance). Joined an agency? Sorry if these are all obvious things you have done, but I have no other suggestions!

Best wishes

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