any activities for dads & kids at the weekend?

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bealos Fri 18-Jan-08 14:08:25

not that I'm trying to push ds' dad into doing things with him but... any suggestions would be helpful. He lives in London Fields, us in Homerton.

oldtimerfulltimer Tue 22-Jan-08 23:15:06

hello , if ds is 4 ish there is football in clissold park. They could always go to Museum of childhood. I seem to remember something on a saturday in the one o'clock club (clissold park) for Dads and kids - just started. Good luck.

Alfie72 Fri 25-Apr-08 22:22:50

yes, they have mini football at the sebright childrens centre

stargazers Wed 07-May-08 19:45:08

There are art classes on Sat afternoons at the Hackney City Farm. And in the morning there's a toddlers and dad's activity called Socatots, not sure of the exact address, think that it's a SureStart programme so maybe google it and see what comes up.

mrsmacleod Sun 17-Aug-08 22:02:48

Linden and Sebright Children's Centres both do activities for dads. Also worth checking out Clissold, King's Hall and Britannia Leisure centres. More details on mumsnet local smile

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