Clissold park paddling pool

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drbeaker Mon 12-Sep-16 22:54:53

Anyone know if it's still open? It's going to be soooo hot tomorrow and am desperate to get the little un in some cool water. The website says "open summer months" and "open until september" but it's not clear if that includes september or not! Anyone seen it open in the last few days...?

imip Tue 13-Sep-16 06:51:13

Check the hackney council website./twitter. Sometimes in hot weather they open the paddling pools in hackney for longer.

tshirtsuntan Tue 13-Sep-16 07:43:24

It was empty yesterday, I think it's always empty on a Monday though? There's one in London fields too, and the splash park in Victoria Park if that's any good?

tshirtsuntan Tue 13-Sep-16 07:43:55

Sorry....that wasn't very helpful blush

Cxb5277 Tue 13-Sep-16 13:47:05

It's open right now & really rather busy 😎

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