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HFisher Wed 13-Jul-16 15:20:04

Hello, I'm looking for a nursery near Victoria Park and wonder if anyone can recommend or has feedback on the Montessori?

imip Thu 14-Jul-16 17:22:20

I've sent my dcs to bethnsl green Montessori and grace Montessori in London fields. Many parents from Victoria park go to both and I can recommend both.

MrsMac74 Tue 16-Aug-16 22:03:08

Hi there,

I've just come across your post. Our son has attended the Montessori on the Park for 3 years and we absolutely love it. So much so that our current unborn child's name is already down to start when they turn 1. You would be hard pushed to find a parent who sends their child there who doesn't consider it the best decision they've ever made. The staff are lovely and the what they manage to achieve from the children is amazing - they turn into very capable, confident, caring little children.
From a young age, our son was able to feed himself, serve himself and his little friends a glass of water, solve puzzles, learn so much about the world, the solar system etc - things we would never have challenged him with at home as we would've thought he was too young. They learn all this in a very gentle way, it is not a hot house environment at all.
All I would say is get your name down fast as places are rare. Good luck!

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