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Choltum Sat 14-Nov-15 16:03:34


Wondering if anyone can recommend a childminder in Clapton? Super keen to find someone who creates an environment that is in line with our (hippy-ish!) values - local food, exploring the outdoors, stimulating curiosity, un-complex toys, messy play, un-princessy for girls etc. etc.

We're just over the border in Walthamstow, but having trouble finding someone who fits the bill smile

Our DD will be 9 months in January, which is the earliest we'd be looking for someone and would need care for 2 days a week.

Thanks so much.

mikapika Tue 24-Nov-15 19:44:53

Hi I'm your woman! Your request describes what I strive to offer! It also describes what I would want for my own children( who are now about to start nursery on Monday and Tuesdays! ) Any chance these are the days you are looking for?
Regards marika
Ps I have a profile on mums net local and will endeavour to upload reviews imminently!

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