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BeattyRd Mon 31-Aug-15 20:00:38

Hello! Does anyone have any feedback on Princess May school? I grew up in East London but even with that, it seems very big and urban (right on busy road etc). Just wondered if anyone has kids there and likes it? What isn't good about it?
Thanks so much for any help! I'm really clueless about this school!!

creativesickofpsuedotrendies Sat 05-Dec-15 11:00:25

Hi, I visited this school the other day and the staff I met seemed lovely, there was a nice atmosphere, I was asked to go in to discuss them hosting Professor Poopenshtinkens magical maths after school club, so they are open to new ideas too. I visit a lot of the schools in Hackney, Holmleigh is lovely, a small caring school with a very active extra curricular programme.

Robods Sun 27-Dec-15 23:50:23

I don't have any feedback in terms of what they're like for education, but I live close by to them. They seem to have a really friendly community vibe. Once or twice a year they're around the area with big music floats, celebrating things like sports day or other events. It seems like a fun school for kids, and I don't really see many playground problems when walking past, like bullying or 1 kid being left out.
Seems nice from the outside, but don't know what they're like inside.

BeattyRd Thu 14-Jan-16 20:29:12

Thank you!

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