Looking for feedback from parents with children at Millfields and Rushmore

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titihood Fri 05-Dec-14 15:21:46

We recently moved to the Clapton area from Canada (via 6 months in Greenwich). We've been really lucky finding a nursery placement for our son in Dalston where he is very happy. I've gone on a few primary school visits as he will start next September and was impressed by the two closest to us, Rushmore and Millfields.

According to Google we live 0.1 miles from both, so are very lucky in that regard. I liked both schools, but it is hard to get a real idea of a school on a walk-round (especially since Rushmore's didn't include any time in the classrooms, other than walking through nursery and reception). Our son is good with numbers and is very interested in books. He is not that good with really boisterous play, which he says hurts his ears and he finds it a bit scary. We'd love for him to go a school where he is stimulated, encouraged to be creative, learns from his environment, is encouraged to be open-minded and inclusive.

I know a lot of this comes from parents but school is where he will be for quite a lot of his waking hours. As parents with children in either school, what do you/your child(ren) really love about the school? Is there anything you would like to change? How receptive are teachers and other staff to concerns? Am interested in feedback from all years, not just reception.

Any advice of where else I could get parent feedback welcome too - my partner and I both work f/t and with our DS's nursery quite far away only one other child there in same age bracket lives in our area, and have not yet met her parents.

Thanks in advance.

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