Northwold Primary - any feedback?

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Ley111 Wed 23-Oct-13 13:58:21

Hi there,
We have just moved into the catchment area of Northwold Primary and I'd be really interested in finding out a bit more about it from local parents. If anyone has children there, or knows of anyone in that position, it would be terrific to find out what you think of it.
Many thanks!

Ley111 Sun 27-Oct-13 19:16:09

Just to add, for anyone interested in Northwold, that I went for a school visit last week and was really impressed. The facilities are excellent and it had a really happy, ordered atmosphere. The headteacher was articulate and seemed really on the ball. She started Betty Layward and achieved good things there before moving on - I think she's done a lot to Northwold in the few years she's been there, turning a failing school into a thriving one. The results speak for themselves - most recent SATS put it at the highest in Hackney, top 5% of primaries for the whole country....
Anyway, we're still making our decision - going to visit Benthal etc soon - but I was genuinely surprised at how great it seemed and thought anyone considering it might like to know!

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