Secondary Schools - Haggerston School?

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Ellajules10 Sat 19-Oct-13 08:56:32

Just in midst of secondary applications and feeling a bit dis-heartened about choices. We live in Islington/Hackney border where there are much fewer choices than Hackney itself. Main ones would be Central Boys which I likes but DS really wants to go to co-ed. Also Hackney New School which I was interested in but now a bit concerned about. I think it may become good but feels extremely on hold until they complete the building work in a couple of years time. For the time being they have a rather basic set-up with a lack of facilities. The other options are Bridge and Haggerston, our favourite being Haggerston. We loved the building and facilities, although only concern was poor GCSE results which makes me wonder that they are not pushed enough or that the teaching isn't great? We are also going to apply to Mossbourne but chance in a million...

Any views appreciated?

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