Doctor recommendations needed for homerton

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Welshcakes77 Tue 09-Jul-13 23:16:12

Hi there, I'm moving from East Dulwich to Hackney/Clapton in September and I will be 5 months pregnant. I need recommendation for a good doctors with midwives for Homerton. As I'm new to this area it's difficult to know as NHS homepage seems to be very negative. Many thanks :-)

thisisdifficult2 Sat 31-Aug-13 00:51:07

hi - we had our baby at homerton and although had to be induced early and it took 3 days to get going, everybody we met at homerton was excellent- we were very impressed! so based on that i would say you are in safe hands.NOr have i heard any horror stories. it doesnt really matter what doctor they allocate you to, as in the end you see whoever is on duty, and midwifes keep on changing. good luckE

Hackneyed Tue 24-Sep-13 11:18:56

Congratulations on your pregnancy welshcakes77!

I'm afraid I have very little good to say about Homerton Hospital. I had heard great things about it during my pregnancy (women with new babies literally coming up to me in the street to rave about the great services and treatment they received) and I feel rather let down by the reality.

I get the impression they look for reasons to classify patients as high risk, so that they can push them through their system. I know lots and lots of women who gave birth at Homerton this time last year (between August and November 2012) and not one came out without an episiotomy (if they had a VB.), not to mention other instrumental deliveries and cs.

The birth centre does look/ sound nice. But so few women are 'allowed' in, what with their strict admissions criteria.

One friend describes the Post Natal ward as 'like Basra' (not that anywhere has a PN ward with a good reputation). The breastfeeding 'advice' was atrocious to the point of being damaging.

I'm sorry to sound so negative. The good news is that I have heard amazing things about the Homerton's Home Birth Team. Better continuity of care, for starters. At least look into it, they have meetings Hackney Homebirth. I have also heard positive things the Barkantine Birth Centre.

Regardless of my waffling above, Whatever you choose to do, whereever you choose to be: get a doula. If money is an issue, get a trainee doula, or have a female companion with you who has been through birth before.

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