Meeting for families of disabled children 27 Feb

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HiPHackney Mon 18-Feb-13 00:26:14

Looking after our disabled kids can be isolating and frustating. The endless appointments. The interrupted sleep. The battles with school. Feeling like you're the only SEN mum in the village. So the last thing you want to feel is a lack of control over the services your child receives.
HiP is a parent-led participation group which is trying to get parents' voices heard when decisions are made which affect our kids' services--whether education, social care or health.
On 27 February 2013 we have a meeting at Hackney Picturehouse--join us 10am - 2pm to hear Janet Mearns of Working Families, who'll be advising us about financial matters whether we're working, claiming or studying.
Admission free. Contact us by 25 Feb if you need a creche place, a special meal or an interpreter. 07985739851 @hiphackney Please arrive promptly: space limited, first come first served!

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