How Does "Mumsnet Hackney" work?

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123feel Fri 07-Dec-12 22:00:26

Hello there

So, its early days still for Mumsnet Hackney and judging by the quiet boards people are still a tad shy about getting involve.

Thought a quick recap about what its all about might help clear the air smile

I'm your local editor so managing the site and hoping to build it into a useful resource for everyone. It's an independent site, created in association with Mumsnet Towers of course, but the aim is that its created by and for local Hackney parents - its a great tool for us to have, I really hope you're up for collaborating to make it work!

I've dipped in and out of Mumsnet but found it really valuable since my son H was born, 16months ago. Especially with parents being not nearby and having moved to the area fairly recently. I'm really excited about having something that means I can connect with mums - and dads - in the area, voice & assuage fears, tap into new info and celebrate the good stuff when it happens.

Here's a bit of info on how the site works:

You will need to create a log in to add listings and to talk on the forums. Its really simple to do. The process is the same whether you are a business or not so just type in your email, create a chat name and come and have a conversation ..!

Anyone can add a listing using the pink "Add a listing" button at top right. Have a browse through the categories and think about anything you'd like to broadcast to other Mumsnetters. I've enjoyed adding listings so far, and have found out all sorts of new things about Hackney that I didn't know before. I'm sure there's loads more out there, be fantastic if you would share what you love about the area - you never know exactly who you are helping but be assured someone somewhere will be very grateful one day!

People get a bit shy of reviews but this could be a really fantastic part of our site. Knowing which cafes work really well for kids, whose food is really good, which class is just something special - personal feedback can really reassure and help those things that aren't quite up to scratch take a look at what they are offering and get it better. So please do be honest and vocal!

Local Chat
You have to create a local chat name for this Hackney area site. This has to be different to the one you use on the Mumsnet site, but can be just a tweak if you're not worried about anonymity. I'm not sure why you might be but anyhow, that is how it works. We can use this forum for all kinds of questions from childcare, schools to bit stuff like is stout or guinness better when you are breastfeeding (joke). But seriously, if you have a problem or issue you are mulling over do get it out there, you never know who else might be having exactly the same thing. As they say, 2 heads are better than 1...

Local Meet Ups - Local Ambassadors
I've recruited a few helpers to start organising these in the new year - but if anyone out there is keen to get involved, let me know. These wondrous people will henceforth be called "Mumsnet Ambassadors" and have a special card declaring them as such.

That's just about it I think - do shout out if you have any questions.
Looking forward to chatting soon smile


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