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Hackneymango Thu 15-Nov-12 14:17:37

Another thought - please shout out if things are missing that you'd like up on the site

Its very much work in progress! Just me uploading stuff so love to hear your thoughts about content / tech glitches etc ..

Hackneymango Sat 10-Nov-12 13:41:51

Hello and welcome to Mumsnet Hackney! Great to see you here.

This is the newly revamped Mumsnet webspace for the local Hackney community.

I'm a local mum (Rushmore Road) with a young son and am the area editor doing my best to make this site useful for people wanting to know about what's on for them and little ones in and around Hackney.

Please feel free to post a thread with anything you want to find out ... hopefully there's someone around who'll be able to help!

Or drop me an email hackney@mumsnetlocal.com

Anyone can load a listing for free about events, classes, local businesses.. and I'll keep an eye on info going up to check its reliable.

You can also see a simple version of this site on a smart phone - so useful if you're out and about.

Best for now, XX

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