Looking for reliable school run nanny from E5-N4 - from Sept 2013

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Davinad82 Wed 11-Jul-12 22:25:37

grin Yes, you read it correctly - from Sept 2013, not 2012. What can I say? I like to be organised.

Currently, my little boy is 3 years old and about to attend a part-time nursery place, this September (2012); but I would like to employ a nanny for when he starts reception in 2013.

It would entail arriving at 7.30 to wake, dress and give breakfast to my son at our home in Clapton E5. And then leaving to take the 253 or 106 bus - or driving if you own a car - to take him to his school 2.4 miles away in N4 for 9am. He would then need to be collected promptly at 3.30pm (flexibility required for afterschool activities) - given a healthy snack, and cared for until 6pm. It will be for a maximum of 4 hrs per day - Mon to Fri only, finishing earlier during earlier sunset hours on Fridays.

I will pay up to £60 per week. Please email tduggan@dugganconsultants.co.uk if interested.

Papyrus Wed 11-Jul-12 23:28:01

So your looking to pay £3 an hour? hmm. Good luck with that.

dilys4trevor Sat 14-Jul-12 15:30:25

I used to pay our mother's helper 13 quid an hour for a similar role in Lower Clapton, as it meant she couldn't do much else in a day (felt needed to overcompensate. To be fair, I also had two kids). I knew I was paying a bit over the odds but if 3 quid an hour is the going rate, looks like I was mugged off....wink

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