Grasshoppers - a parent run, community nursery

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Inesi Sun 29-Apr-12 13:19:28

The quality of care in Grasshoppers fulfills our expectations greatly. This nursery is a happy, relaxed and organised place. We’re most satisfied with the feel of familiarity and “non institutional” that has been achieved.

Free play and non-imposed activities favour the individual child’s need for development and GH is excellent at this.
The park visits make it a unique nursery where children are in frequent contact with nature and teach road responsibility as well as team effort.

There's a new manager since September 2011. She quickly imposed her ability to manage the nursery with authority and a friendly approach, has gained respect from parents and staff and embraced GH ethos as a whole.

GH has definitely become our extended family!

clairewt Thu 26-Apr-12 12:06:28

I used to attend the Grasshoppers outreach activities on Friday mornings with my little boy. It was a fantastic place to meet other parents and chat about the joys of becoming a first time mum. Jorge the music man was always a favourite with my son too, he loved it!!

We became regulars on a Friday morning. There was always a warm and friendly atmosphere and it was a great way to get to know the staff and how the nursery operates. It felt like a natural progression for us to consider Grasshoppers as a nursery for our son.

He's been attending the nursery for over a year now and we've really enjoyed the experience. As a parent it's so rewarding to feel you can input toward the development of the nursery and the type of care you want for your kids. Our son is super happy there and the fact that it's quite a small nursery with up to 16 kids a day makes it very friendly and personal.

If you're looking for a nursery that offers a homely feel and a pro active philosophy on health and well-being then Grasshoppers is definitely worth a look. We're firm supporters of the nursery and all it stand for.

camilleb Wed 04-Apr-12 13:56:30

Grasshoppers Nursery has spaces available in Sept for children 2-5years. Check out our website or come along to outreach on Fridays 10-12pm to check out the nursery in action. My daughter has been attending for the last 6months and is loving it!

Some more info... The aim of Grasshoppers is to provide a creative, stimulating and caring environment for the children who attend it and to be an asset to the wider community. Grasshoppers is run by parents and staff in partnership together. We strongly believe that parents have a positive role to play in the life of the nursery. Parental involvement comes in a variety of forms, from helping staff with childcare, fundraising or even doing DIY in the nursery.

We recognise the vital importance of the staff and their longstanding participation in the nursery. Their input and experience is the constant factor which connects generations of parents to the the nursery and its ethos.

At Grasshoppers creativity is key. We value freedom of choice and encourage learning through self-motivation. We believe free play offers a great opportunity for the children to explore their imagination, communicate ideas and express emotional and physical responses. We also stimulate creativity through themed projects, games, role-play and regular music, art and craft activities.

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