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ebrid Mon 20-Feb-12 20:16:07


I would like to swap babysitting duties rather than pay each time for a babysitter. We live in Stoke Newington and have a 14 month old. I would
need cover more so in the evenings and can return the favour both during the
day and/or on certain evenings.



Alessandra73 Thu 09-Aug-12 10:08:40

Hi! my name is Alessandra and I have a 5 month old baby girl. I am looking for a family in Mill Hill/Edgware/Burnt Oak or other areas close by to swap daytime and evening baby sitting hours . I am Italian and my husband is Polish so it would be ideal if the family could speak our native languages although this is not essential. Please get in touch to meet and start to know each other. Thanks!

Skgg Sun 19-Aug-12 13:55:24

Hi E

I know it's been a while since you posted but are you still looking for a babysitting swap? We have a 3 year old & a 10 month old, both of whom are good sleepers!!

We live in between stoke newington & newington green and are looking to swap with someone mainly for an evening out. Let me know if you're still interested!


claudib Wed 03-Oct-12 06:09:50

hi there,
Looking for the same thing
i have a 4 year old (and one on the way). My 4 year old is very charming, independent and easygoing and i need the odd cover here and there for my parties (children's entertainer) when my partner can't do it. 4 hours is my usual time i'm away. We live in the Stokey/ Highbury area.
Let me know if anyone is interested in discussing possibilities!

winteriscoming2013 Fri 28-Dec-12 15:08:52

Hi there,
Looking for the same thing. smile
I live on Old Street, near Whitecross Street where they have the food market.
Its not far from the locations mentioned (one bus) and I have my son's bed plus matresses. I would love to do some babysitting share on Friday evenings.

I suppose the idea is to let the kids do a full sleepover and parents collect first thing? smile

Eva247 Tue 29-Jan-13 19:59:54

If anyone are looking for all of the above bar the location, I am south of the river, please do pm me smile

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