40 weeks pregnant, need crutches before 9am tomorrow... anyone?

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bluechik Thu 16-Feb-12 23:44:55

Just got a pair! Thanks!

bluechik Thu 16-Feb-12 22:05:30

Hi there, we live on Newington Green N16. My partner is 40 weeks pregnant ('due' date tomorrow) and earlier today fell and sprained her ankle. It's definitely a sprain, she has an old injury and has sprained it several times in the same spot over the years. We have been doing the RICE thing which has eased it slightly but she still can't put any weight on it. We've been talking to the NHS after hours service about getting hold of crutches but they're not keen without her going off for an x-ray to A&E which she's not keen on as she knows herself that it isn't broken, as well as not wanting to spend ages in A&E tonight. And nobody to look after our toddler either. Problem is -she's meant to go into work at Canary Wharf tomorrow to attend a special presentation, get leaving gifts, hand over laptop etc and the presentation is at 9am - she really wants to go but completely not practical unless she has some crutches to help her move around. We have been checking Argos but can't find a store opening before 9am that has crutches in stock. I also think she's a bit worried about being immobile in case of imminent labour (went to acupuncture today and feels things are moving on a bit).

Sorry for the long post, but does anyone know where we could hire/buy crutches in North/East London tomorrow morning around 8am? Are there any early-opening chemists that have them in stock that you know of - I've done a Google search but only seem to find online sellers that would home deliver in a couple of days.

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