Thoughts on Stoke Newington schools: Grasmere, William Patten, Betty Layward

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sanserif Sat 15-Oct-11 20:34:39


Didn't get much response in the Education section, so am re-posting here.

I'm considering moving to Stoke Newington before my DS starts Reception and am wondering what peoples' thoughts are on Betty Layward, William Patten and Grasmere primary schools? Have read a few threads on here but I'm hoping to get some updated opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of each as well as their general feel and ethos ahead of booking a look around them. Latest OFSTEDs of BL and WP weren't exactly glowing and seemed to especially criticise the teaching.

janx Sat 15-Oct-11 22:28:18

My dd is in yr 2 of William patten and she is very happy there and overall we are happy with the sch. The last ofstead wasn't brilliant and I think they have made efforts to address that. The playground has just be re-done and is amazing. The staff are friendly and there is a good vibe.
I have friends with children at Betty layward nag grazebrook and they seem like good schools too smile

LondonAnna35 Mon 06-Feb-12 08:26:30

Hi there Sanserif,

Not sure whether you still need any info on these schools or whether you've seen them since posting your message? Grasmere is obviously an outstanding school and the Oftsed is great but to get in you've basically got to live on one of two or three roads. BL only got a 3 in the last Oftsed but they seem to have taken quick steps to address the problems and there have been big staffing changes since (change of head etc.). If you are looking for outstanding schools in the area Jubilee (towards Stamford Hill) and Benthal (on the other side of the high st, towards Clapton) have glowing Oftsed reports and because they both take 60 kids in per year (whereas Grasmere takes only 30) that means the catchment areas tend to be a bit bigger.

Good luck! Keep us posted.


Bing185 Tue 04-Nov-14 09:55:28

Hi. After two years in Amsterdam my family are back in England and possibly moving to stoke newington after Christmas. My two boys 4 and 7 are at a school in berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. This school is not for us at all, it's pretty religious and Victorian in it's ideas. Please can any one enlighten me on schools in SN ? We need to find a school that is creative and progressive in it's ideas, I want my children to feel respected and are able to use their own minds at school. Thank you in advance

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