Lower Clapton Nursery Recommendations/Reviews - Teddy Bear, St Michaels, Independent Place

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k808state Wed 04-May-11 12:53:09


I'm currently looking into a part time nursery places for my 8 month old son and was wondering if anybody had any recommendations or reviews.

Currently looking at
Teddy Bear Nursery, Mayola Road.
St Michael's Day Nurseries, Thistlewaite Road
Independent Place, Shacklewell Lane.

Would love to hear your experiences



MissBetsyTrotwood Thu 19-May-11 20:02:29

I don't have any experience of any of these, save looking at Teddy Bear Nursery when looking for a place for DS about 4 years ago. The staff seemed nice but it was a bit dingy and little or no outdoor space from what I remember.

Friends of mine have had very good experiences at Clapton Park Children's Centre at the end of Daubeney Road.

catbd Wed 25-May-11 21:07:34

My little girl has been at Indepedent Place since she was 8 months (she's nearly 3 now) and has always been very happy and secure there. There was a bit of disruption a while back with a change of manager and several staff, but things have settled down again and the children didn't seem bothered by it. The garden is small but adequate and they made some improvements to it and to the baby room recently. I haven't got any experience of the others, but I would recommend visiting Independent Place to see what you think.

claptonkid Mon 19-Nov-12 21:36:11

Did you end up at clapton park - have been accepted for a place there so keen to hear anything about it?

chichiS Thu 15-Jun-17 10:26:38

Hi, for parents wishing to send the toddlers/children to St. Michael's nursery in lower clapton E5 ensure you get a viewing first before registering your child. I recently called to request a viewing and was told that they do not have a viewing policy in place. That they would put my interest on a list and call me when they have a place available. I explain that I am checking out nurseries in the area to be able to make an informed decision before registering my child at any nursery. St Michael's nursery were very unaccommodating, showed no sensitivity and were damn right evasive. as a compromise i suggested, they let me know when it would be possible in the next few months for a visit only to be called by and be told by on of the joint owners that they would not accommodate my request nor want me to register my child there.
I will not want to register my child in an environment that want to be dictator and nor allow a mom to ask questions in relation to her child.
My advice for any parent wanting to send their child to St. Michael's is to request a viewing as it is your right as a parent to see the environment they propose to send their child.

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