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Mris Sat 05-Sep-09 21:04:56

Hi there

I know I'm starting only (my little one is only 7 months old) but I know how full up schools get. Does anyone have any recommendations for really excellent state or private schools for girls in and around Greenwich and Blackheath? I was quite keen on Blackheath High (the GDST school) but it didn't look that high in the league tables, although I know that can be misleading. Any advise welcomed!


Mary x

Madsometimes Wed 09-Sep-09 14:55:47

Blackheath High normally scores very high on league tables. Are you sure that you did not get it confused with Blackheath Bluecoat, a secondary school?

I have friends with dc at Blackheath High. It has a very relaxed nursery and infants section. By the time children are in year 3, they get homework every night and standards are very high. It is fairly pushy, but not as pushy as Blackheath Prep. It does very well at GCSE and A Level.

For state schools, you need to look at Halstow (should live with 0.5 km radius to be sure of a place). All Saints C of E (must attend church). Most of the state schools are good, but will not seem so if you compare them closely to the indies. This is because the indies are selective.

Mris Fri 18-Sep-09 12:32:53

thanks for that x

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