Afternoon Stay and Plays?

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Tarenath Sat 28-Mar-09 11:07:38

Does anyone know of any afternoon stay and play/toddler groups in the charlton area? I struggle to get out the house for the morning groups and the only afternoon group I know of is at Sherington.

RosieGrieves Mon 30-Mar-09 17:22:30

Pound Park Early Years Centre in Charlton has stay and play on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

kateandzack Fri 17-Apr-09 14:06:23

Hi, There is also a Play Centre in Charlton Park (Just past the playground) which has a stay and play every week day afternoon between 12 – 3pm. The details are: Charlton Park Play Centre, Charlton Park Road 0208 8569906.

If anyone knows of activities later in the afternoon I would be grateful as my son usually naps between 1.30 -3 so we miss a lot of afternoon activities.

JacktheLass Mon 22-Jun-09 16:28:43

Looking for a venue for a three years old party. Just after a hall or the like as will bring own food. Would need to fit thirtyish adults and 17ish kids. Blackheath/Lewisham/Greenwich.


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