Baby massage in Greenwich?

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monkeysmama Tue 22-Jul-08 19:36:02

Any reccomendations for a baby massage class in Greenwich? Otherwise somewhere nearby easily accesible on public transport.

Thanks very much

paow Wed 23-Jul-08 13:10:25

Hi, ask your health visitor.
Most clinics offer the course to new Mums, I did mine in Fairfield in Charlton, but my friend went to one in Greenwich.

monkeysmama Wed 23-Jul-08 16:26:25

I spoke to the HV on Monday and she gave me a list of places. I didn't realise until I left that all the ones in Greenwich (the area rather than borough) have "No current classes" next to them. Apparently they're massively under staffed with HV's here and so all the classes have been put on hold for now.

SalLikesCoffee Sun 27-Jul-08 01:09:22

monkeysmama - have just posted on your other thread re activities, but sorry to hear Baby Massage classes on hold now, as I got mine through the HV's at Quaggy about (I think it started about 2 months ago, and was a 6 week course). Can they not put your name down in case it starts again later?

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