Things to do with a newborn

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monkeysmama Wed 11-Jun-08 11:56:45

I have had a look at Greenwich council's info pack on parent & baby groups etc but they all seem to be for older kids.

I am a first time mum & my baby is only a month old. Does anyone know of any suitable groups etc?

Thanks very much

Sal22 Wed 11-Jun-08 23:01:44

Hi and congratulations, monkeysmama.

Ask your health visitor (or see inside your baby's red book) where your local baby clinics are. I go to Quaggy, and they have loads of activities for babies. I just asked at reception and they were really helpful. For example at the moment we've got baby massage on Mondays (it books up quite early though, but you might put your name down for next time perhaps), I remember them saying Tuesdays to Thursdays also had early baby activities, but I can't remember what. Then on Fridays there is a lunch gettogether for breastfeeding moms (which I haven't been to but sounds like a great way to meet other moms).

Privately there's Running Mummies in Greenwich Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays (where you can go with your baby)if you fancy getting out.

I'm sure there are loads more, but these are the ones I've joined (baby now 8 weeks). Good luck and enjoy.

monkeysmama Fri 13-Jun-08 16:19:59

Thanks Sal22. I am going to get organised and see what I can find.

paow Mon 16-Jun-08 16:24:04

And do not foget the Mother and baby screening at the Greenwich picturehouse, i used to be there every single week!

monkeysmama Tue 22-Jul-08 19:38:04

DD is now 9 weeks. Any more suggestions very gratefully received. MMsmile

monkeysmama Tue 22-Jul-08 19:38:54

Sal22 - Quaggy?

SalLikesCoffee Sun 27-Jul-08 01:05:35

(Sal22 on caffeine)
Yes, Quaggy Children's Centre here.

Since my last post I have also been to the Thursday session of Baby Bounce at Lewisham Library, and DS (3 and a half months) seems to really enjoy it.

When you go to Quaggy (or whichever Children's Centre you go to), be sure to ask the health visitor to keep you informed of any new activities. I'm now booked to go to a class on weaning early Aug (even though I won't be weaning just yet, it's a nice way to meet new people and you might learn something for free).

monkeysmama Mon 28-Jul-08 15:57:00

Sal22/ Salikescoffee

Thanks very much - I am goign to give them a ring. Am thinking of setting up a mini parent & baby group for those going to our HV in lieu of them doing anything.

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