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CoffeeinGreenwich Tue 19-Feb-08 21:51:33

to see if anyone with a baby 0-6 mths fancies meeting up.

cosima Sun 24-Feb-08 16:26:28

yes i would. i have a 12 day old baby and looking for some nice mum and baby groups and activities in the greenwich, blackheath plumstead area

CoffeeinGreenwich Sun 24-Feb-08 19:49:12

Congratulations! Do email me and we can organise, I'm on hjmcct@mac.com. Who knows there may be some more Greenwich mums along soon.....

Sal22 Sun 24-Feb-08 23:13:24

Hi. Baby's due 3rd of April, so I'm game for joining a couple of weeks later - will keep in touch!

sobz70 Fri 14-Mar-08 12:43:03

hi sal22, i am also due on 3rd of april whereabouts do u live? I am in se10.

sobz70 Fri 14-Mar-08 12:43:33

by the way my email is sobz70@hotmail.com

Sal22 Wed 19-Mar-08 15:22:14

hi sobz70, sorry, didn't see your post earlier.

I'm in SE10 as well, it would be lovely to meet up soon. We're having a boy (our first). Do you know what yours will be or still a secret/surprise? Can't believe how quickly the 9 months have (almost) passed, can you?!

sobz70 Thu 24-Jul-08 20:28:43

hi sal22, I have'nt logged in for a while, this is my second baby, also another girl, my older one is 2. please email me if interested in meeting.

SalLikesCoffee Sun 27-Jul-08 01:21:46

Sobz70, just e-mailed you.

SalLikesCoffee Sun 27-Jul-08 01:27:19

Is anyone else on here interested in meeting up? If this weather holds, a picnic in Greenwich park might be a lovely way to meet, or else a coffee somewhere?

monkeysmama Mon 28-Jul-08 15:54:52

I' be interested in meeting up. A picnic in Greenwich Park sounds like a very good idea.

SalLikesCoffee Tue 29-Jul-08 11:06:15

Brilliant. Would any specific date suit you? I can't do this week or next Monday, but except for that I'm very flexible. As a starting date, I'd suggest coming Wednesday, 6 August, at 11am, but please feel free to change that.

If anyone else wants to join, please just copy and paste this bit below, adding your name.

Wednesday, 6 August, 11am:

SalLikesCoffee Tue 29-Jul-08 11:18:25

I've created a new thread here with a date indication - hopefully we can attract more people like that! However, I have to admit, I rarely check the Greenwich local thread, as not many people post on here.

SalLikesCoffee Tue 29-Jul-08 13:11:04

Wednesday, 6 August, 11am:

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