Problem With Au Pair

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CherryGlazed Mon 03-Oct-16 14:01:31

Has anybody advice on a live in au pair. We've had an au pair 5 months now and I feel I've been making do from the beginning and allowing for a comfortable atmosphere to click, which hasn't.
We've had a few issues with her following instructions and questioning on our methods. We all have our own ways of raising our children and different methods work but I don't feel I should have to have full blown discussions and justify our methods to the aupair. Is this normal? She does care for the children but my husband and I just don't feel comfortable.
Eating habits has been another issue, our shopping bill has doubled! This shocked me for one extra adult. We've had trouble with her eating what is obviously food for the children. Literally as soon as our shop arrives within 2 days it looks like it never arrived. We have explained some food is for certain meals etc but the next week she's back to the same thing again.
Advice much appreciated.


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