Your thoughts about John Roan secondary please

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Biscuitmadness Wed 07-Sep-16 21:37:37

What on earth has been happening at John Roan - I was searching trying to find out about the school and it seems like staff have been in massive conflict with the senior management and previous head - lots of scaremongering about academisation - budget issues?

Previously I thought des Malone was doing a good job?

Do children get good results in a wide range of subjects - as it seems some of the softer subjects were dominating their gcse results?
I have also heard of some bullying which wasn't dealt with but that was from one individual so I wouldn't generalise fhat across the whole school.

If you have your child there can you let me know what you think? My sense is there has been so much conflict between teachers / parents / management that I just can not see how it can be effective? Looks like there has been a teacher / parent group John Roan resists which I can't fathom? Also what was the security search entry for or is that just scaremongering too?

Are there alternative good secondary schools in Greenwich ? I know I am going off social media but I was truly shocked by the vitriol that is out there and it is ringing alarm bells re John Roan. My children are still in primary. I didn't want to consider grammar but may well do if I have to...
Thanks smile

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