Queen Elizabeth or Lewisham hospital for birth

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Granadilla Mon 23-May-16 20:24:21

Does anyone have any recent experiences of either hospital for giving birth? I had my first child three years ago in Queen Elizabeth and it was a miserable experience. Just wondering if Lewisham would be better, or whether I should stick with the devil I know this time around.

Babyhayden Sat 28-May-16 01:02:15

Don't go to Qeh I had bad experience there before. It wasn't delivering baby experience but I have used their other services and no it was just no good. You can tell right away it was a bad hospital. Also I have a friend who's wife is a nurse working there. She doesn't like it there and she's aware of the poor standards but due to her living close and having to look after her children she has no choice. The hospital is also struggling financially. Their infection control standards are very poor. Can u imagine even a doctor does not clean scanner for a new patients to use. I went for simple scan and saw a big blob of used gel on the hand held and the doctor was gonna use it on me. And no it was not a freshly applied gel because it was smudge already before I entered the room. Yuk! Wonder how many times she used it on a patient.

For u and ur baby's safety do not go there. Why return when u had bad experience before? I can't comment on lewisham but I assume it should be slightly better?

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