Need info about Greenwich: rentals, nurseries etc

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bmgreen Mon 01-Feb-16 18:26:44

Hello Greenwich mommies,

We are moving from New York in March..just by talking to a few friends..we think we will be renting in Greenwich...Our offices are in Canary I have a few basic questions...hope you can helpsmile

1. What are some of the good areas in Greenwich: closer to public transport to CW; new construction; and lively neighborhood?

2. LO will be 2.9 years old, so what are some of the good Montessori/ day care in the area?

Ideally, we want to rent a 3 bed flat (preferably in a newer construction), budget is around 2500..can go lil high also...

Thank you for your help....and I hope to meet you when I am there!

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Mon 08-Feb-16 13:58:48

For a quick hop to CW, you will find it easier if you are based in West Greenwich near to the station there so you can catch the DLR [docklands light railway] to work.

Alternatively, there are a lot of very nice apartments in GMV [Greenwich Millenium Village] which is on the greenwich peninsula about 10-15 mins by bus to the middle of Greenwich village, the museum etc. North Greenwich Tube is one stop from CW station so a super quick commute. There's plenty of green space, an outstanding school, a good nursery and the O2 centre has lots of restaurants. There's a good Waitrose at CW, and lots of supermarkets will deliver food [quite normal in the UK].

I don't know the nurseries in West Greenwich very well, but quite a few people use a nursery in CW and commute with their child.

Re housing - a 3 bed apartment could be challenging. They are mostly 1-2 beds I think but they do come up. There's a lot of new build advertised as Greenwich but physically closer to Deptford station which is not convenient for Canary Wharf.
They tend to be quite a bit smaller than GMV apartments.

John Payne is a very good local estate agent.
And will give you a good idea of what's available.

This is for rent this morning - it's a good example of the type of 3 bed house that's typical of East and West Greenwich. This one backs into a little park and has three nurseries within 5 mins. You would need to take the bus/walk/cycle to North Greenwich Station in the mornings which would take about 20 mins on foot. Centre of Greenwich is 10 mins walk.

Hope this helps.

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