How's Eltham Park/Kidbrooke for living with young children and travelling to London?

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TroublesButCute Sun 26-Apr-15 00:46:02

Dear all,
We are considering to buy and move in to either Eltham park (area surrounded by A2/Well Hall rd/ Shooters Hill rd backing to Oxleas wood area - thanks google maps!) or to Kidbrooke (Wricklemarsh rd/broad walk/Mayday gardens road area). So any thoughts related to primary schools (and secondary schools if not too much) and kids activities, travelling to London, better living condition/community/safety and friendly neighbourhood etc shared would be much appreciated.

We have a 3+ yr old and a 1 yr old and DH needs to commute to London (Charing cross/Cannon st/Blackfriars) and I to blackheath area. We are a Asian family and where we live currently have a friendly mix neighbourhood. Looking for somewhere similar so that we would feel safe to live with our young children. are there any thing to worry about in those areas/ are there any roads/ areas to avoid?

Primary schools in the Eltham park area I checked are: Deansfield/CC CofE and Gordon primary schools; all three schools have good Ofsted gradings. So any knowledge on extra activities and what they offer/ past experiences with these schools are much valued. such as what sort of distance they look in to/ does CC CofE schools admits children's from other faiths / are there any special requirements to get in to these schools/ do they usually let you visit the school if you contact the office/etc.

thanks in advance!

ElthamMum1 Fri 05-Jun-15 13:19:32

We're moving to Eltham Park next month (having a baby in November) and the local primary schools look good, think the Catholic one on glenure road has the best ratings. I plan on commuting into London after my maternity leave again and the trains to London bridge are 22 minutes and a bit further to London Victoria so all seems pretty easy. It's Zone 4 so you'll just need to check into ticket prices for that zone! Good luck with the decision!

TroublesButCute Wed 10-Jun-15 16:21:08

Hi Elthammum1,
Congratulations and good luck with your pregnancy.wish you best!

thank you for your response. heard the good reputation of catholic school and CofE school, however since we are a non catholic family, it wouldn't be easy for us to get in. also hear the demand for CofE school is very high and need to be registered with the church and need to have church attendance for a long time in order to get a place in the school. We haven't still decided on the area. all the best on your moving too.

sleepyMe12 Wed 10-Jun-15 17:39:02

Hi troubles,
My daughter and a few of her friends have been accepted to the CofE school on the high street, three different religions so don't let that put you off. Also Gordon has a good reputation.
I like the area having moved originally from Kennington via Newcross smile
lots to do with children and plenty of green space.

whatsagoodusername Wed 10-Jun-15 17:47:56

We're in New Eltham, so slightly further than you were looking, but not much.

DH commutes to Angel, takes an hour door to door. There's a fast Charing Cross train that doesn't stop at all the stations which he quite likes. It did stop at London Bridge, but isn't at the moment because of the building work. It's less convenient for Blackheath unless you drive - takes me two buses, up to an hour travel time depending on waiting times. But easy enough.

Schools around us all seem good. We have a 3yo and a 4yo. There are lots of nice parks and things to do.

We have friends on Wricklemarsh Road with a nearly 3yo. They like it, and it's easy to get to North Greenwich for the tube. We originally were looking around there, but New Eltham was cheaper grin

TroublesButCute Wed 29-Jul-15 15:02:57

Hi sleepyMe12,

thanks for the info. sorry, couldn't check this space of quite sometime (no time to breath sometime!!). congrats on your daughter's school. wish she and her friends have the best of time and fun! and you too smile
how far away from you to the school? assume you aren't of christian faith. Else any of the other faith friend of yours?

thanks much!

TroublesButCute Wed 29-Jul-15 15:15:14

hi whatsagoodusername,

thank you for the post. brilliant info. I just managed to check this space again and also resume my house hunt!! now I have broaden the area down to new Eltham too (initially I didn't have a clue that they are quite further from each other and 2 areas!)

I personally don't know anyone who lives in the area, and honestly speaking hence the worry to make a move and especially since we are a family of asian background and non christians. so if any comments regarding multi cultural values are highly appreciated if it is known to you. glad to hear your kids are around same age as mine.

would you know how is the area around Green Lane: south from Sidcup rd towards Chiselhurst? the green lane itself and surrounding roads? And anything you know about Montebelle primary school?

thanks so much.

sleepyMe12 Thu 30-Jul-15 23:03:20

I live on court road near Mottingham train station so quite a distance. I'm not of any faith.
The CofE school have just started a building program that will run for at least two years, doubling the school size.

Green Lane is fairly nice. Like most of the area very mixed with social housing and privately owned property.

Eltham is a fairly mixed area and I have never witnessed any problems.

whatsagoodusername Fri 31-Jul-15 13:26:09

I'm just off Green Lane by Sidcup Road, heading towards Chislehurst. Green Lane itself is a bit busyish, particularly at rush hour, but the surrounding roads all seem nice. They are building a Premier Inn or such at Fiveways (Green Lane/Sidcup Road intersection) at the moment.

As for multicultural, the area looks predominantly white to me moved here from East London, but my next door neighbours are black, two down are Asian, a few doors further Asian, some Chinese... We own our house, either side of us are council houses. Not sure beyond that, although a few houses across from us have been for sale. At a guess, 50% owned/privately rented, 50% council. No idea on religions (although I think the NDN may be Christian...). People are friendly in my experience.

Lots of kids around. There's a small-children playground in Altash Gardens, and a larger-children playground up the hill from it, closer to Montbelle. There's a fab playground behind the library at New Eltham station.

I don't know much about Montbelle. The impression I've got is that it's not great, but all right. I think they've had a new head in the last few years, so there may be lots of recent changes. I don't know anyone who goes there - but my DC have been at the preschool at Mottingham Primary we lived opposite when DC1 started so most people I know with kids go there. I didn't get a chance to go to their open day.

We are around the corner from Greenacres Primary. I did go to their open day - it seemed like a really good school. Their stats aren't great because they have a Speech Impairment Unit, for seriously delayed students who come from all over the borough, and their scores are counted with the regular classes. The headteacher seemed good and I ended up leaving DC2 in their nursery while we toured - he didn't want to leave. grin Everyone local I've spoken to has sent their kids there and are enthusiastic - but I am .1 miles from it, so not surprising they all go there.

New Eltham station is good. They've put lifts in so both platforms are accessible with a buggy. Trains go to Cannon Street or Charing Cross, about every 15 minutes. Green Lane has the 160 and 162 more roundabout, which go Eltham High Street, New Eltham, Chislehurst and beyond and are very regular. The 314 (New Eltham station, down William Barefoot Drive) goes to Bromley, which has good shopping.

To commute to Blackheath, you would need to take any of those three buses to Eltham High Street, then either a train from Eltham or another bus. By bus it's about an hour. About 30-40 minutes with the train, depending on how the connection is. And Fiveways is incredibly slow during rush hour. It's usually much faster to walk to the other side of it, then get the bus.

Purpleprickles Fri 31-Jul-15 13:37:11

Hi we have lived in Eltham for years. We have a six year old who has been really happy at Gordon so far and we are really pleased with how he is getting on there. I like Eltham because of the green space, Eltham Park has a good playground for young ones and there are lots of good walks through the local woods. My DH commutes, it's a nightmare at the moment but that is because of the London Bridge works. Previously to that it's been fine and I'm sure it will be again once completed.

To let you know as well Greenwich Council are planning to invest a lot in Eltham, particularly the High St. There are plans for a cinema in the next few years. All of this is on show at the Eltham Centre if you are able to come for a nose around- I saw it yesterday and it looked good. The centre is a great resource too- good library with nice children's area (lots of holiday activities) and a good children's pool which is warm and shallow.

We've been happy here, I'm not from London originally so I like the open spaces and not crowded feel of it. Hope you find a lovely home wherever you settle smile

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