The International Academy of Greenwich needs a site. Please sign the petition.

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InternationalAcademyGreenwich Fri 28-Feb-14 16:07:35

The International Academy of Greenwich ( will be a state school offering a curriculum based on the International Baccalaureate and a focus on modern European languages. It will be based in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The project was launched under the Free School scheme with the help of the Department for Education (DfE) in the Summer of 2012 with the aim of opening in September 2013. Sadly no premises were found for their first intake and the school opening had to be postponed. This year again the school is oversubscribed but again no premises have been found so far to accommodate the 100 Year 7 children who are due start in September 2014.

Despite support from the DfE and the enthusiasm of hundreds of local supporters the school is in danger of failing to open as both the Royal Borough of Greenwich and/or the local authority planners have opposed the school occupying a number of suitable sites that the DfE would be happy to purchase or lease for them.

In truth is there are also three empty school buildings in Greenwich which could provide the home we need - most strikingly Blackheath Bluecoats (owned by the Diocese of Southwark) - a secondary school which will close in July 2014 and also two empty Local Authority Primary Schools (Royal Hill and Charlotte Turner). But they have been told that both the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the Church of England (Southwark Diocese) are not willing to release the premises to rent or sell them to the DfE for their use. As a result these three buildings will be empty from September, being paid by taxpayers' money, and unless the DfE finds another site, 100 children will be denied access to the new school and its unique curriculum.

IAG deserves to live – a multicultural and multilingual approach to state education is much needed in the most international city in the world.

Time is running out and unless the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the local planners show more goodwill and flexibility towards IAG, the school will simply die and with it over two years of hard work from supporters, staff and the DfE.

Please help IAG by signing this e-Petition raised by parents of applicants and share it with friends and families and social media websites (#asiteforiag):

Once we have enough signatures we will send it to our local MP including:

Nick Raynsford MP, Greenwich and Woolwich
Cllr Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Childrens Services, Greenwich Council
Rt Revd Christopher Chessum, Bishop of Southwark
Rt Revc Dr Michael Ipgrave, Bishop of Woolwich
Clive Efford MP, Eltham
Jim Dowd MP, Lewisham
Joan Ruddock MP, Lewisham
Len Duvall, GLA member for Greenwich and Lewisham
Teresa Pearce MP, Erith and Thamesmead
Heidi Alexander MP, Lewisham East


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