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crunchybargalore Sun 15-Sep-13 14:57:27

I think Millennium School in Greenwich is where my DS will be sent to and I think we will miss out on Meridian (which I think I would prefer).

Can anyone provide me with info on these schools.

Sadly I have heard rumours that some of the teachers at Millennium would never send their own children there and that there was some issue with the head or deputy and the school nearly got put into special measures.

I have heard of other people renting for a while to get their children into Halstow.

I have had a look at some old threads but I wondered if anyone had any information about millennium, meridian and Halstow.

And whether anyone got their children into Meridian or Halstow after waiting for a year or so?

Thanks - I have nc to protect my id.

I love Greenwich to bits but I quite disheartened about educational prospects!

spickles Tue 24-Sep-13 13:15:59

From the timing of your post I am guessing your child is 3 and wanting a place for sept 14?
My kids are at Meridian, and it is a wonderful school. They focus on all children achieving their own full potential, and it has a fabulous school community spirit. In my time as a parent there I have seensome children join part way through the year having been on the waiting list. One child was waiting 2 terms and got a place at Easter for reception and settled in really well. As with any london school, there is a fair amount of kids coming and going due to relocating parents so places do come up but you never have any guarantee that wil happen.
I dont know much about Millenium, other than it has a great building.

Best of luck to you and your DS. I know its all a stress, we have the same coming up for secondary in a few years!

crunchybargalore Fri 27-Sep-13 11:14:26

Thanks Spickles! smile

SyBloke Thu 10-Oct-13 16:20:44

Old news about Millennium - new leadership are transforming the place. Over 50% of teachers have not been been renewed, and Sats results went from 61% last year to 86% this - and that was with them only in charge for 4 months.. The new head has taken 3 other schools to Ofsted 'Outstanding' and is aiming to make it 4. My 2 children are at Milliennium, and I'm finally excited about the school.

SyBloke Thu 10-Oct-13 16:26:56

> Sadly I have heard rumours that some of the teachers at Millennium
> would never send their own children there

This was, I believe, said at a mass meeting with parents by the new Head, but was referring to the school as it was when they walked in. In context, he added it was their aim to make it into a school he would send his kids to. (He was formerly Head at Halstow, fyi..)

crunchybargalore Mon 14-Oct-13 14:08:05

That is brilliant Sy thank you!

No I heard the rumour was from one of the existing teachers - but hopefully s/he was not one of the ones renewed. But again it is rumours!

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