Blow-dry and Makeover bar in Greenwich/Lewisham for mummies and busy belles

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Mummyandmakeup Fri 07-Jun-13 12:55:54

Hi Greenwich mummies!
I was hoping I could get some advice or feedback on a new venture I'm considering. I'm currently a mobile freelance hair and make up artist. I've been doing ok with my home visits but have recently seriously been considering opening a boutique in Greenwich/Lewisham area. I'd love to have a pretty LA/Miami style boutique where people come to have a short break away from mummy/life duties, get a little pampering and leave looking superbly polished within an hour. My signature hairstyles are gorgeous celebrity/red carpet bouncy blow dries and updos so, I was thinking I could incorporate this into the boutique by offering 30 minute bouncy/celeb style blow drys and updos alongside 30 minute manicure and make up/makover services. I would also like to sell popular hair and make up products and accessories too (the hard to find stuff that you can only find online at the moment.) I only have my current mobile business as a guide so would love to grab the thoughts of local ladies and whether you think this is something Greenwich needs and is service you would use. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading smile X

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