Relocation advice: Your thoughts please

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relocate2Where Mon 14-Jan-13 23:34:17

Hello all,

We have been living in Brentwood, Essex for just over an year now.
We are now considering moving to somewhere else (where, is the big question, of course), and are considering Greenwich/Blackheath as one of the options.

I would be grateful for any suggestions/tips/advice/places to avoid ...
How good and how local are activities for a 19 month old toddler

1) The key trigger for moving is that the housing options are very limited in Brentwood. DH works in Basildon, Essex and am SAHM at the moment; So, proximity to London is not a criteria at the moment.

2) We are looking for 3 bed accomodation in a decent, safe locality, not too far from town/city centre. To rent, initially and may be buy in the long run. Within 1500pcm

3) Want a wider choice of activities/play school for DD, who is 19 months now. In particular, looking for Montessori/Steiner
type of schools to start her off, when she turns 2.

4) In terms of places, DH is happy to commute upto 40 mins; he travels away a lot for work anyways.
Other places we are considering: Cambridge, St Albans, Bishops Strotford;
Equally, we are also considering places like Guildford, ...

I know, I know, ..

It is just this thing of wanting to give up the nomadic life that we have been living and have some semi-permanency or some semblance of that :-)

Thanks a lot

johnstown Tue 15-Jan-13 10:13:21


I moved to Greenwich 18 months ago and really love it. I have three children and there is loads to do, toddler groups - really friendly people I have made lots of new friends through these. Also I think that in general the schools are good and getting better if all slightly over subscribed. There is a very good Steiner School. Rent is expensive in the nicer areas and as usual near the better schools. I think that it would be hard to find a house for 1500pcm. I think that is really safe, I never feel nervous when out alone after dark and have heard of very few instances of crime.

relocate2Where Tue 15-Jan-13 11:13:05

Thanks johnstown for that. Yes, you are right, had a quick look in rightmove, and 1500 doesn't take you much far i think.

Are there any particular areas that are really dodgy/unsafe, in your opiniion?

gusto Thu 17-Jan-13 22:06:03

I moved to East Greenwich when my DS was 18 months old and it's been perfect since! (he's now 2+). Just wish I'd moved here sooner! - lots of play groups, music classes, dance classes, parks/playgrounds etc and all the shops nearby. You have better luck finding a rental for 1500 if you are in the East Greenwich area (west greenwich and blackheath village are out of question). There are some flats/houses near Maze Hill station and in the Westcombe Hill/Blackheath Standard area that you might find in the range.

Also you need to think about proximity to schools. Westcombe Hill / Mycanae Road are good options if you are looking at the Steiner school. Good luck!

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