Anyone else got a baby due in Dec/ Jan?

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Londonbumpagain Mon 13-Aug-12 18:06:49

Hi all, my second child is due dec/jan, (I already have a dc who is 21 months) and was wondering if anyone else was due around the same time? Great if it is your 2nd /3rd/ 4th........ But fab if it's your first too. Would be lovely to get together for a coffee & keep each other same during maternity leave! smile


Nishli101 Wed 29-Aug-12 12:27:11


I'm due mid-Jan and this will be my first child. Currently in Maze Hill but shortly moving to W.Greenwich/Deptford. Would be good to have someone local to chat to


Londonbumpagain Thu 06-Sep-12 22:44:17

Hi Nisha,

Sorry for the delay, we've been away. Hope you are well and the pregnancy is ticking along nicely. Would be lovely to catch up. Shall we see if anyone else gets in touch first?

LB x

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