7th month and been given notice :(

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f1silver Mon 06-Aug-12 15:06:58

Hello all

I hope someone can help me as I am getting quite panicky.

This morning our landlord gave us notice to vacate our flat, and I'm due in less than 3 months. We're looking for a flat to rent, 1 large bedroom or 2 bedrooms, and have a preference for modern buildings (or really good conversions). Both my husband and I work in Canary Wharf.

We had recently moved to Greenwich less than a year ago and have a strong liking for the area. We are very close to the DLR station. What are the good areas in/around Greenwich/Blackheath that we can expect to find something reasonable, and which is young mum friendly area?

My husband is leaning towards the modern buildings near Deptofrd Bridge but I'm not particularly keen on the general area. I like the look of the area around Shooters Hill Road and then towards Blackheath. What about Greenwich Millenium Village? Is it a good area to live in for first-time parents?

Please help.

Gigondas Mon 06-Aug-12 15:13:32

What's your budget? Unless things have changed I wouldn't have thought millennium village was as easy for young mums as greenwich or blackheath proper

f1silver Mon 06-Aug-12 15:16:41

Hi Gigondas

We are currently paying 1150 per month. Don't want to go over this by too much.

f1silver Mon 06-Aug-12 15:19:30

But of course we have a very cheap commute now. If we go further east like Shooters Hill the commute will become more expensive so we would like to save some on the rent.

Gigondas Mon 06-Aug-12 15:22:13

Is it dlr or the tube you Prefr as just thinking that there are the blackheath/lewisham borders that are walkable to tube.

Tbh I would get onto estate agent with your wish list now and see what they have

f1silver Mon 06-Aug-12 15:28:58

Yeah I'm calling up agents now.

It doesn't necessarily have to be close to a DLR/Tube station now, specially since I'm going on leave soon. Don't really have a preference.

f1silver Mon 06-Aug-12 15:39:28

What's the area around the Queen Elizabeth hospital like?

Gigondas Mon 06-Aug-12 15:47:07

Not lived there for a while but prob not the best in ease of commute (walk to charlton or woolwich). I think there are some young families but there are a number of different places to live (where you thinking of the old hospital sites that have flats in)

f1silver Mon 06-Aug-12 15:53:05

I don't know if they are old hospital accomodations but I can see ads for places on Stane Way behind Homfair Park, and then places around the London Marathon Playing Fields.

What would you suggest in this budget?

Gigondas Mon 06-Aug-12 16:00:44

They are both In The 30s/ribbon developement type housing. I think it's a pretty quiet residential area but it is a hell of a way to a station (bus ride or 20/30 walk) on either location from memory which would make it a pain in the arse for commute - may not matter to you but dp may care.

f1silver Mon 06-Aug-12 16:09:40

Do you have an opininion about the Greenwich Millenium Village then?

Gigondas Mon 06-Aug-12 16:12:16

The one by excel?

f1silver Mon 06-Aug-12 16:20:28

No. The one near the O2.

Gigondas Mon 06-Aug-12 16:27:52

Sorry that's what I meant. Think accommodation wise it's ok and obviously for commute . But not sure that much there for kids - fine if you drive or can get out by bus etc but person I knew who lived there moved out when had her baby (partly to get somewhere bigger but partly cos of baby issues). She didn't drive tho.
That said east greenwich library or Charlton aren't a million miles away. Have you joined up with nct? They might supply more details on kid friendly things locally.

f1silver Mon 06-Aug-12 17:06:27

Personally I am quite tempted by the Westcome Park/Blackheath area but there doesn't seem to be much available there.

Gigondas Mon 06-Aug-12 17:21:08

That would be good if can get something

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