James Wolfe school - opinions please?

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Furmy Sun 17-Jun-12 20:56:10


I'm thinking of moving to the area and would be in the catchment for James Wolfe. Their recent Ofsted doesn't look great but I'd heard that the school was improving. I'd be really interested to hear any opinions from Mums whose kids are at the school.


bochead Thu 05-Jul-12 18:47:04

Amazing, fantastic. ALL children from SEN to genius level are encouraged to reach their individual potential by a truly gifted and inspired set of teaching staff, who regularly go the extra mile and beyond for the kids in their care.

The curriculum is stretching, activities and oppotunities are wide and varied. The ethos and behavioral management is second to none.

What the Oftead didn't take into account is the high % of kids who arrive at all stages beyond reception, totally disaffected with education from other failing schools in the West Greenwich area that poor old James Wolfe staff have to then devote considerable time & energy to helping catch up. In short poor old James Wolfe cleans up the mess created by others and gets no credit at all for doing so, due to insane local politics.

I naturally give praise very grudgingly but have to say to any parent - ignore Oftead on this one and go see for yourself.

SaraMaryFox Tue 04-Nov-14 10:39:15

Hi Furmy and Bochead

I am in the same position as you now Furmy, and was wondering if you sent your child to James Wolfe and what has your experience been?

Also bochead thanks for the nice review, was wondering if you are coming from the perspective of a parent or teach there?

Ultimately I would like my child to get into grammar schools in Kent if he seems able as the years progress and was wondering if there is good levels of support for those kind of entrance exams when the time comes?

thank you, appreciate any feedback!

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