Greenwich mum wanting to get into St Thomas's or Kings - help?!

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oz1mum Mon 11-Jun-12 13:45:59

Hi, Im currently booked into QEH. The care so far has been average and I am frankly scared of giving birth there. Im looking into the MLU at Lewisham but think I may not be accepted due to on/off bleeding up until 3 weeks ago. My midwife has applied to Kings and has had a blanket 'no' for both Kings and St Thomas's, but I have had several local mums advise it is possible. I have a history of PCOS/Metabolic disease and my first was induced due to low birth weight. This pregnancy I have had a low lying placenta which has now moved and bleeding on and off (triage 3 times), so have been under consultant care - can anyone advise how I can get referred into either Kings or St Thomas'? Would going privately to one of their consultants help my case? Thanks so much - apologies for the long question...sleepless nights are getting me down!

EldonAve Mon 11-Jun-12 18:04:28

they often restrict out of area bookings because they are already full

best bet is to get your GP to write to both Kings and St T mentioning your history

Wingdingdong Mon 11-Jun-12 20:18:57

I doubt very much it would be possible now - maybe 3 or 4 years ago. I was told they could possibly make a case for me to be seen at Tommy's/Kings due to cardiac condition for which I've been treated at Tommy's in the past, but even then it would be close.

Unlikely for MLU Lewisham too - that's what I wanted this time round (but was frankly laughed at due to cardiac issues and prev c/s; MW said even without those obvious no-nos I wouldn't get MLU due to bleeding & PCOS).

Kings is massively under pressure; SIL gave birth at home with ambulance crew having been with her for 3hrs waiting for a bed on labour ward to become available. Other SIL also with kings also gave birth at home as she was told not to go in yet due to lack of beds.

However, I can say that I was really pleased with the care at Lewisham Acute Labour ward with DC2 (3m) - and I got to experience it many times this pregnancy! Had a terrible scan at 12w and the fetal medicine team were brilliant. The high-risk ob I saw due to crap birth with DC1 was considerate, objective and sensible. The duty ob I saw when I was admitted in labour at 24w was fantastic (worth noting that he tried to transfer me to either Kings or Tommy's as it would be safer to transfer baby still in utero - both had NICU places but neither had a bed spare on labour ward). Luckily the anti-ctx drugs worked by next morning, I was in for a few days and cannot fault the care. Admitted 3 more times as emergency before ELCS and always the same great care. Postnatal was also excellent (given it's always going to be a shared ward/shower espec after CS - but MWs were lovely, smiley, always made time, willing to help in any way. Food wasn't great but I was given more when I asked!

Couldn't have been a more different experience from DC1, whom we nearly lost at the hands of QE (no exaggeration - even had to threaten them with legal action just to get the birth notes...).

I'd happily go to lewisham if I ever had dc3. Wouldn't go to QE for anything. And don't overestimate importance of a shorter journey time; I'm not sure I'd have got to Tommy's or kings in time to stop labour. An ambulance will take you to the nearest hospital - so if you needed to call one you'd end up at QE or Lewisham depending on which part of Greenwich you're in.

Wingdingdong Mon 11-Jun-12 20:25:24

Ps through the pregnancy I was also with the fetal cardiac team at Tommy's (it was a really bad 12w scan!!) & still told only very slim chance of birth there, tho TBH I didn't want to transfer from Lewisham so didn't actively enquire (had asked pre-scan). Doesn't mean it can't be done but think you'd need a more compelling reason.

oz1mum Tue 12-Jun-12 11:25:55

That's really great food for thought, thanks so much for your comments. I hope everything is going well now @wingdingdong.

MrsH1982 Wed 13-Jun-12 19:19:08

Just to let ou know I gave birth at queen Elizabeth and had a very positive labour. I really felt cared for and looked after, I can't praise the staff and midwives enough. Hopefully that will help reassure you.

oz1mum Mon 18-Jun-12 12:11:48

Thanks MrsH1982!

podmumlet Fri 20-Jul-12 11:36:07

Hi Oz1mum - just wanted to let you know that I technically gave birth at the MLU in Lewisham (I say technically, because I arrived there at 9 cm dilated, and almost had my but in the reception area!). It was a super speedy birth during which I had great care, but unfortunately, due to speed and size of but, I tore and then went up to the Maternity Wards. Was on the wards for 5 days in one of the private rooms and received fantastic care. Good luck!

lacroixsweetie Fri 27-Jul-12 14:15:25

I had a CS after "failure to progress" in the QEH 2 yrs ago last week and I found it an extremely positive experience. The care was fantastic. I was not high risk and my DD was not in distress at any point but I had a midwife on a one to one basis throughout. Water birth facilities room unavailable when I arrived but was offered a portable or a move as soon as it became available. Had three midwives over 2 days and each one was v positive and friendly. Seemed to take it personally when things did not proceed as planned so very much trying to avoid intervention for me but were practical about drugs etc. and helped us to reach decisions.
Actual CS was quick and straightforward, had no post birth complications and recovered fairly quickly. Certainly felt well within 6 weeks with v v little post birth bleeding. If you look at the stats, the QEH has one of the lowest CS rates in London (though my DH does point out that it probably also has a high percentage of teenage mums.... ). The drive time to St Thomas's totally put me off.
Post natally, I was on a CS ward so higher standard of care generally I suspect and discharged on the 4th day. It's busy, noisy and to be perfectly honest the only issue I had post natally was with other patients and their visitors. Patients leave the showers and loos dirty and littered and I found it appalling how much rudeness and abuse the staff have to put up with. They do a fantastic job under the circumstances in my opinion (I don't work in or have any link to healthcare) and my biggest regret about the whole experience is not making the time later to send them a proper thank you card.

Ren36 Fri 15-Feb-13 08:16:04

I had a very traumatic end to a pregnancy in October last year resulting in coming home without a baby and would urge any pregnant woman out there under QE, classed as low risk pregnancy, to go and pay privately for a scan in your third trimester.
Midwives may be all lovely but in my case they did not pick up on basic symptoms that something was wrong. It was our second baby so everyone assumed that it will be all good. Due to financial problems scan in 3 trimester is not available in QE but it is now standard at Kings and St Thomas!
I don't mean to sound dramatic, I only wouldn't want anyone to go through what we have been through.

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