Kids' party entertainer reccs please.

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SWChic Fri 01-Jun-12 13:21:41

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SheepsEyes Mon 23-Apr-12 18:44:51

Try Dizzy Lolly- google for her webpage! Very funny lady (£170 for 2 hours- not cheap though!)

oohlordylordy Sat 14-Apr-12 16:22:19

Oh, Wow, congratulations!! Not long to go now!! grin

My two are great. Mims will be 3 in July, she's been out of nappies for a year now, so it really doesn't feel like I have a baby anymore!!

Hope you are feeling well.

monkeysmama Sat 14-Apr-12 10:45:24

Hey Haribo! grin I know - how time flies! I'm due number 2 in July. Can't wait! Hope your two are flourishing and happy.

oohlordylordy Sat 14-Apr-12 07:14:37

I don't have any advice, but thought i would bump for you and also say HELLO (it's haribo here), can you believe our babies are 4!!!!

monkeysmama Fri 13-Apr-12 09:16:55

I am looking for an entertainer to come to the park for 2 hours for my LOs birthday party. Anyone have any good suggestions? The kids are all aged 4-6.


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