pregnant and due in July/Aug 2012 Greenwich/Blackheath area?

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margot123 Wed 18-Jan-12 09:29:54

Hi all,

I'm living in Blackheath since March 2011 and recently found out that I'm pregnantsmile. I'm in my 11th week and my due date is in August. I'm Dutch, 32 years old and looking for other mums to be in the area!! I miss my friends in The Netherlands and my friends in London live quite far away and aren't pregnant;).

Also wondering if there is any pregnancy swimming in the area? Would love to join a class. I look forward to hearing from you!!

saschamiles Tue 22-May-12 22:01:34

Thanks Mette- where and when? Can't wait to see you all.


Ekpoma76 Wed 30-May-12 20:51:41

Hi Mette82 and everyone,

I was there last thursday from 7-7.30 and didn't see anyone at the Princess of Wales pub in blackheath. Please can i have a contact number if the meeting is still taking place to enable me contact someone that is going to be there this week.

Mette82 Sat 02-Jun-12 11:37:08

Hello - I sent you a private message smile

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