Looking to meet other Mums in Greenwich/Blackeath with babies under one

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Rach2583 Wed 18-Apr-12 19:46:57

Hi all,

I know this is a bit late but I have just joined. I too live in Greenwich/blackheath and have a 2month old. I would be interested in meeting up with people if you are all still around.


aliS23 Fri 24-Feb-12 14:47:40

Hi Everyone

Just wondered if anyone was interested in going to the Big Scream next Wednesday 29th Feb ...

Let me know if you are keen!

Tinsie Fri 17-Feb-12 10:42:04

Shoot! Saw this too late. Have fun ladies, hi Katy & Katie, maybe I'll join you next time xxx

GreenwichMumma Thu 16-Feb-12 16:42:56

Looking forward to seeing you ladies (and babies!)tomorrow x

MrsJKat Wed 08-Feb-12 12:54:40

Hi, we will be there also! See you on the 17th.

aliS23 Wed 08-Feb-12 08:30:30

Hi Katy

Thanks for the message. We'll be there on 17th. Look forward to meeting you!


GreenwichMumma Tue 07-Feb-12 20:34:39

Hi all

Great to see so much interest :-) Let's try for a meetup on Friday 17th Feb at 10.45am in the Buenos Aires Cafe at 86 Royal Hill, Greenwich. http://www.buenosairesltd.com/bac-green-sandw.html

Let me know if you plan to make it. It is half term week so am hoping the time won't clash with any other groups x

Annatestadoro Tue 07-Feb-12 14:50:58

Hi all,

we're moving to the area in March (from West Hampstead) and I have a little boy who will by then be 1 year old. I'd love to join you all in at an upcoming meeting. Would that be ok?

Anna (& Luke)

aliS23 Fri 03-Feb-12 15:55:16

I would be very happy to meet up too... my daughter is nearly 8 months old and I'm in my early thirties living close to Greenwich Park, (Crooms Hill side).
Would you send details if you plan a meet up and I'll try to join, thanks!

MrsJKat Thu 02-Feb-12 17:39:26

Would it be possible to join? I have a 3m old and live near the area. Also in early 30s. Have either of you found any coffee mornings or bf groups to join please? keep searching the net but can't seem to find anything directly in Greenwich/Blackheath.

GreenwichMumma Wed 25-Jan-12 14:14:04

El: That's fab - give us a shout when you're about :-)

Katie: Great stuff :-) Will inbox you re meeting x

gorgielondon Sun 22-Jan-12 10:48:03

Hi Katy

I'd be up for meeting for coffee. I have a 6m old too and in early 30s. And also share your name... Costa above Waterstones?

Katie :-)

TitchVida Sat 21-Jan-12 22:40:03

I'd love to but I've just started back at work so am a bit mad at the min smile give me a few weeks and I'll be about. My dtr is 7 months old so pretty close in age too


GreenwichMumma Tue 10-Jan-12 11:18:52

Hi all

I'm new to this site, but just thought I'd start a thread to see if there are any other mums out there in Greenwich or Blackheath who fancy meeting up for a coffee. My baby is 6 months old and I'm in my early 30's. I live in the West Greenwich area.

If you fancy meeting, please get in touch!



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