Can you recommend a good joiner/cabinet maker?

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Tinsie Thu 15-Dec-11 11:05:40

I'm looking for a joiner/cabinet maker to build some fitted cupboards for our bathroom. Can you recommend anyone locally, or anyone at all (individual or firm) that will work in the area?

MrsFogi Wed 28-Dec-11 21:07:16

I've used John Duffy (Cabinets JD) - for a few jobs (fitted cupboards) and he's always been good.

Tinsie Fri 06-Jan-12 18:49:28

Thank you MrsFogi, I'll drop him an email smile

Tinsie Tue 03-Apr-12 23:42:22

We've not had much luck with Cabinets JD so still looking for a good joiner/cabinet maker! Any more recommendations? Anyone used "Len the Builder" or Melanie Woods?

LeesBeauty85 Sat 14-Jul-12 21:48:46

Hi Tinsie,
My father in law is fantastic with wood work, he has built us wardrobes, fitted new door frames and architrave and comes highly recommended. He has just done some wood work on Blackheath tea hut too and has lots of clients in se3/se10/se12. Are you still looking for someone?

podmumlet Fri 20-Jul-12 11:32:23

Hi LeesBeauty85 - cannot speak for Tinsie, but I am certainly looking for someone to build a few additional fitted cupboards in our kitchen and fit the facings/doors.

Could you message me your father in laws details?

Tinsie - does Cabinets JD not have any capacity for new jobs atm?

Many thanks ladies.

Blackmoremum Wed 13-Feb-13 21:34:49

Hello, You may think I'm biased but my husband is a good carpenter or 07734364100. He is tidy, good attention to detail, quick, and reliable.
All the best.

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